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BSD Mining

Comprehensive administrative system for companies in the mining industry that automates transactions between critical areas of the company, obtaining in real time, the cost that has been allocated to mining extraction processes, significantly reducing financial risks.

The system manages inventory control by automating the materials reception process, establishing controls throughout the supply chain, from purchase recommendation to warehouse entry, generating reliable accounting and financial information.

It generates a master maintenance plan for the company's fixed assets, from the capture of the statistics generated from the models that, for this purpose, the same user of the BSD Mining system designs.

BSD PawnShop

Administration is one of the key elements in your pawnshop strategy. The more efficient administration, the better the prospects for increased sales volume.

The BSD PawnShop solution allows you to scale your operation to a higher level of efficiency, which benefits from the beginning. The operation of a company requires the application of technology, from commitment, purchase, endorsements and performances to closing of the cash.

BSD TacoSoft

Simple and intuitive point of sale software for taco Shop that will help you optimize your business, creating flexible menus that will allow you to take orders in a quicker way, reducing order delivery time.

For faster service, BSD TacoSoft allows you to create product families and prioritize them so that the best-selling products are the first to appear, in such a way that it is easy to place an order.

Also, for better management of your TacoShop, BSD TacoSoft easily connects with any device, and sends orders directly to kitchen.

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